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Zealthera 400 shots



Vaginal reshaping effect / Improving vaginal atrophy / Improving sexual sensation / Improving urinary incontinence / Improving vaginal dryness

The heat energy generated in the tissue by irradiating the focused ultrasound energy HIFU into the vagina.
It promotes collagen synthesis and causes contraction of fiber muscles to help tighten and thicken the vagina.

Zealthera Vaginal Tightening Characteristics

  • Vaginal surface and interior are tightened together, making it more effective.
  • You can feel the tightening effect even with 1 treatment.
  • The treatment time is short, less than 20 minutes.
  • Non-surgical/non-incisional procedure, no bleeding and less pain.
  • Very convenient and can resume daily life after the procedure.

Comparison with regular lasers

  • Regular laser: There is no heat transfer to the inner muscle layer, and it may even damage the surface skin.
  • Zealthera Vaginal Tightening: Ultrasonic energy is distributed evenly and irradiated to the correct depth.

Zealthera Vaginal Tightening Suitable Candidiates

  • When the vaginal tightness decreases due to wide and loose quality after childbirth or surgery
  • If you experience a gradual decrease in sexual desire and no orgasm
  • If you want to improve symptoms of incontinence
  • If there is a wind-falling sound during sexual intercourse and the male penis keeps falling out
  • If you need vaginal tightening before marriage quickly and without noticeable
  • If symptoms such as bad odor and inflammation occur frequently in the vaginal area

Jivaka's Tips

For women, the vagina tends to loosen as they experience pregnancy and childbirth. Not only does this affect their sexual life, but can also cause urinary incontinence symptoms. In addition, the interior of the vagina becomes dry easily and the immunity of the vagina is lowered, which can cause frequent inflammation, and can interfere with one’s daily life. Check out the surprising results of “Zealthera Tightening” with The Clim Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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