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#Needle-free treatment
#Collagen regeneration
#Wrinkle reduction

in Myeongdong

Remodeling Treatment for Skin
That Lacks Elasticity

Airjet is a needle-free treatment that uses high pressure to deliver the solution evenly into the dermis. The non-needle method minimizes pain and is effective for collagen regeneration, wrinkle reduction, and more.

Recommended Candidates

Individuals concerned about a sagging jawline

Individuals who look older due to deep nasolabial folds

Individuals who look grumpy due to sagging cheeks

Individuals with thick neck wrinkles and sagging skin

Individuals who are concerned about facial scars

Airjet 200 shots

460,000 won

Airjet 200 shots
+ Inmode

640,000 won

Our facilities


4th Floor, CM Building, 9 Myeongdong 8na-gil, Jung-gu, Seou

서울 중구 명동8나길 9 씨엠빌딩 4층

Hours of Operation

MON - FRI | 11:00 AM ~ 09:00 PM

SAT | 11:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM

Lunch Break | 02:00 PM ~ 03:00 PM

※ No lunch breaks on Saturdays

※ Closed on Sundays and Holidays

General Information about Toxnfill Myeongdong

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