SMAS Face Lift Surgery


SMAS Face Lift Surgery

*The exact price for this surgery can only be decided after face to face consultation.

Surgery Information

Operation time: 2 hours or more
Hospitalization: Not required
Anesthesia method: General anesthesia
Recovery period: 4 days


- Improvement of drooping cheeks and sagging lips
- Effective jawline improvement

Recommended Candidate

- If you are worried about wrinkles around the mouth or damage of the jaw line
- If you are concerned about sagging cheeks
- If you want to improve your face that have a lot of wrinkles

SMAS Face Lift Surgery Method

1.Incision and skin lifting
: After deciding where to make an incision, the area will be cut and corresponding skin will be lifted.

2.SMAS layer lifting
: After the ligament is cut, the SMAS layer is raised and some unnecessary parts will be removed.

3.Elevation and fixation of the retaining ligaments
: The torn ligament will then be pulled and fixed to one another again

4.Sutures and surgery completed
: The operation is completed by removing some remaining skin and suture the incision.

Jivaka Tip
This plastic surgery hospital is visited by many locals for face lift and anti-aging surgery.
Anti-aging surgeries can be applied or done together with neck lift, glabellar nerve block, and double chin surgery.

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