PRP Collagen Injection [Bioface]


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General Information About PRP + Collagen Injection

Basic Info

Plasma is extracted from the patient's own blood which is then used as the key ingredient in this injection to treat target areas.


PRP Injection with microneedling is a technique in which fine needles puncture the skin, stimulating cells to create more collagen and producing a youthful look.

Treatment Time

30 min

Maximum effect

2 to 4 weeks

Duration of effect

Minimum 1 year

Recovery Time




Anesthesia method

Anesthesia free but can provided if requested

Degree of pain

Slight discomfort. Varies from patient to patient.

How It Works

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Plasma is a component of our blood in which all the nutrients are carried. Platelets are found in this plasma and are small fragments that come together to heal injuries like open wounds. PRP is extracted plasma that contains a high concentration of platelets which are injected to the treatment area to give results such as increased collagen production, tissue repair and growth of cells.

Top Benefits

1. Skin Texture Improvement

The treatment boosts collagen and increases elastin production which combines to give tightened skin as well as making thin skin thicker to prevent fine lines and other facial lines.This gives an overall smoother skin texture.

2. Specific Treatment

This injection was designed to treat even the smallest of areas where other treatments might find it hard to reach such as under the eye to treat under eye wrinkles.

3. Overall Skin Health

As the treatment is taking vital nutrients and directing it to the skin on your face, the overall health of your skin will improve which can be seen as healthier looking skin on the surface.

Recommended For

Someone concerned with

○ Facial lines like frown lines and wrinkles

○ Scarring

○ Stretch marks

○ Discolouration like hyper-pigmentation

Frequently Asked Q&A

Q. When can I expect to see the results?

A. Results are visible after 2 to 4 weeks of the treatment which gives plenty of time for the ingredients to settle in and perform

Q. How long does the effect last?

A. Can last up to 1 year

Q. What are the common side effects?

A. Common side effects include some swelling, redness and bruising on or around injection site. Very rarely are serious side effects of inflammation reported.

Q. How painful is it?

A. There is minimal pain, as the needles are not injected deeply.

Q. Can you get treated simultaneously with other treatments?

A. Yes, the treatment can be combined with other treatment. It will be best to consult with the doctor to know what treatments you should get and in what order.

Our Tip for Best Results

It takes around 2 weeks for the ingredients to be able to showcase the effects and the results will increase after successive treatments.

Why Bioface?

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