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Non-Invasive Hair Transplant Specialist ‘Modeunmo Clinic’



Male Non-Invasive Hair Transplant | Female Non-Invasive Hairline |Scars on Head|Hair Loss Care | SMP Scalp tattoo


Surgical Method

- Collect healthy hair follicles using a custom punch of 0.8 to 1.0 mm suitable for each individual hair follicle size

- Selection of collected hair follicle units by density and thickness

- Transplantation of hair follicles to the hair loss area through a hair transplanter

- Natural and abundant hair without incision scars


Surgery Information

- Operation Time: 2,000 hairs -> 4 hours | 3,000 hairs -> 5 hours | 4,000 hairs -> 6 hours | More than 5,000 hairs -> 7 hours or more

- Durability: Permanent

- Bruising/Swelling: Disappear 2 weeks after treatment

- Severity of Pain: Pain caused by needles during local anesthesia | Almost no pain during or after treatment



Modeunmo Non-Invasive Hair Transplant’s Special Point

- Collection method: Select and collect only healthy hair follicles from the occipital region using a punch tailored to individual hair follicle size

- Collection amount: Can be adjusted in units of 1 hair as needed for transplantation

-1 transplant amount: If the amount of hair in the occipital region is sufficient, it is possible to transplant more than 10,000 hairs in the same day.

- Scars: scars less than 1mm are small and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye

- Recovery: Fast recovery from small, shallow wounds, and daily activities are possible from the next day after the procedure


Recommended For:

- Male and female customers of all ages suffering from hair loss

- Those suffering from M-shaped hair loss

- Those who want to trim a wide forehead or irregular hairline through correction

- Those with naked scalp due to hair loss on the top of the head

- Those who want to fill in areas where hair does not grow due to scars



Recommended Treatment to Take Together

- Those who are afraid of the procedure, Those who are experiencing extensive hair loss, when hair transplantation for the area top of the head is not possible

- If you have sufficient time (3~4 months), we recommend that you do the SMP scalp tattoo at the same time with the transplantation

Surgical Method

- Necessary hair is collected from the occipital region through non-incision

- Dedicated surgeon selects and collects only healthy hair follicles

- Delicately transplanted one by one by a dedicated operating surgeon


Female Non-Invasive Hairline’s Special Point

- Designed in consideration of the harmony between fully grown hair and facial shape, and the transplantation is performed without incision.

- Plan the transplant site and the thickness of the hair before the surgery so that the hairline can be connected naturally from the fine hair to the back of the head.

- With a 360-degree design, you can expect the effect of reducing the size of forehead which will make the face look smaller as if it were a facial contour.


Recommended If:

- Your face looks bigger due to wide forehead

- Partial M-shaped correction is required

- The side hairline is bumpy

- Your hairline is asymmetrical

- You want to cover an angular or round face shape with a hairline

- You do not like the shape after hairline correction

Q. I have dead pores in the scar area, can it be transplanted?

A. Since hair transplantation targets hair follicle tissue, satisfactory results can be expected if there is no inflammation in the wounded area and sufficient blood circulation is secured for hair engraftment. At the time of consultation, the presence of inflammation is checked through scalp biopsy, and the cause of inflammation is also identified to design the treatment direction.


Scar case that can be covered with hair transplant

- Long surgical scar on the back of the head

- Traumatic scars on the hairline

- Burn scars on the scalp



- If hair does not grow on scalp scars caused by hyoid pain

- In case of hair loss due to burns

- If you have a traumatic scar that is nicked or scratched

- If a long scar remains after brain surgery

- In case of scarring due to other cosmetic procedures

Scalp Care Program | Hair Loss Program


Wastes and various bacteria in the scalp can cause hair loss. By removing aged dead skin cells or sebum oxides from the scalp and normalizing the keratinization cycle, it supplies nutrients to the pores, which facilitates scalp blood circulation and promotes hair growth.


Main scalp care:

Deep Scaling + Scalp Nutrition + PH Balance Management + Hair Nutrition + LED Therapy


Scalp care program for Modeunmo Clinic

Doctor checks medical treatment and progress + microscopic examination of hair > Provide customized hair loss solution

1) Deep Scaling Keratin Care: Removes harmful toxins from the scalp and normalizes the keratinization cycle. By strengthening the penetration of nutrients, a constant pH balance is always maintained, thereby improving the scalp environment.

2) Detox Scalp Care: This is a scalp improvement solution that normalizes the sebaceous glands by purifying scalp trouble factors such as excessive sebum, inflammation, and seborrhea.

3) Scalp Hair Care: This is a special care for the overall recovery of damaged scalp and hair due to procedures such as daily eating habits, external environment, and frequent perms.



- Dry dandruff and dead skin cells

- Frequent scalp troubles

- Hair is dull and lacks shine

- Even if you shampoo in the morning, your hair will become oily soon

- A lot of sebum is secreted

- Heat on the scalp

- Smell from the scalp

- The scalp is dry and there is a pulling phenomenon


Hair Loss Care Program

There are various causes of hair loss, such as genetic factors, environmental factors, hormonal factors, and pathological diseases. This program promotes hair growth with the intensive know-how of all hair clinics and prevents early hair loss.


Hair Regeneration Care Using Cord Blood Stem Cell

Cord blood-derived stem cell containing high skin growth medium is directly injected into the scalp through Dr.Injector. 89 types of complex proteins and collagen components that are effective for hair follicle growth and scalp health promotion are quickly absorbed into the hair follicles to help maintain scalp and hair follicle health. It is also effective for rapid recovery after hair transplantation.


Main Hair Loss Care:

- Basic Hair Loss Care: Deep Scaling + Scalp Nutrition + PH Balance Management + Intra-scalp Nutrition + LED Therapy + Medication Prescription

- Intensive hair loss care: Deep Scaling + Scalp nutrition management + PH balance management + Intra-scalp nutrition supply + Stem cell injection in hair follicles + LED therapy + Medicine prescription

- Circular Hair Loss Care: Deep Scaling + PH Balance Management + Intradermal Drug Injection + LED Therapy + Medication Prescription

All hair SMP scalp tattoo is a non-surgical hair loss treatment method that uses natural medical pigments to fill in the gaps between hairs that have grown due to hair loss, such as the crown and parting areas.


Treatment Information

Durability: 4 to 8 years

Removal: Laser can remove the tattoo at once (no scarring)

Material: No heavy metal detected in pigment

Discoloration: None

Pigmentation: Almost none

Degree of Pain: None


Special points:

- Non-surgical semi-permanent pigment therapy

- Injected into the shallow layer of the skin to prevent pigmentation, creating a natural scalp

- Quick return to daily activities possible on the same day



Recommended If:

- You want to reinforce the empty area with thin hair

- Hair transplant surgery is burdensome

- The scalp looks white due to hair loss in the bald area

- You want to enhance density after hair transplantation

- Hair loss has progressed extensively and it is difficult to transplant the entire hair

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