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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction deals with the removal of undesired and excess fat on the body.
Liposuction can get you the body you want in a short period of time.
Liposuction at WONJIN is performed with only the latest equipment and surgical techniques to get you the slim body you want.


Abdomen Liposuction
Huge stomach usually makes you look fat. Abdomen obesity is caused by excessive fat deposition in upper and lower abdomen.
Thus, it is very important to remove fat evenly during the procedure. Abdomen obesity is the most common area for liposuction for both men and women.
It is the typical area to have liposuction because the result is very good compared to other areas of body. Excessive fat deposits on abdomen also increase the risk of other health issues, thus the consultation with the physician is strongly recommended. Deep sleep anesthesia will be done for abdomen liposuction and since only small incision will be made for thin cannula for the suction out, you may go back to daily activities 3~4 days after the surgery.


Thigh Liposuction
Most Korean women tend to have bit obese lower body when their upper body is normal or skinny. This is because body likes to keep fat deposits on lower part of body. With Thigh Liposuction, you may expect to achieve well balanced upper and lower body.

-Inner Thigh Liposuction
Excessive fat on inner thigh does not only give an aesthetically unpleasant impression but also cause some skin troubles and skin pigmentation due to wrinkles that is made by chafing when you walk. The beautiful lower body line is achievable when knee line is also being considered during Inner Thigh Liposuction procedure.

-Outer Thigh Liposuction
Fat accumulation often occurs at lower area of outer thigh especially in female and this area actually results in a high frequency of liposuction surgery. Fats on outer thigh are hard to be removed from exercise and diet treatment, but liposuction surgery can correct and improve it.

-Back Thigh Liposuction
Excessive fat deposits on back thigh make horizontal lines and cause bumpy cellulites. With the help of high-tech medical device, you can achieve slimmer and smooth thigh. You may expect to achieve hip-up effect as well as longer looking legs by Liposuction on back thigh.


Hip Liposuction

Tight hip without any sagging is considered as the most beautiful hip. As you get older, more fats are deposited on hip which worsen the sagging and ultimately there is no curve between the hip and thigh which makes your body line very unattractive.
Thus, the goal of hip liposuction is to achieve curvy hip line by removing fats especially on the outer 2/3 side of hips and not on the center.


Waist Liposuction
Accumulation of fat usually occurs on left and right side of love handle in males, and on upper area of pelvis bone in females.
Fat deposits on waist are likely to break your outfit. Liposuction is an effective way to reduce waist size by eliminating fat deposits outside of body.
So, this procedure is recommended for women who wish to achieve slimmer waist line and men who want to have built abdomen.
It is recommended to check the amount of fat deposited and elasticity of your skin with the physician during the consultation.


Back Liposuction
Excessive fat deposition on back causes bumpy line when wearing underwear or bikini. These lines are not well hidden even after wearing clothes.
It is normal to gain more fat on back as people get older. You may achieve slimmer and tight back line by liposuction surgery.
More sophisticated skill is required for back liposuction since fats tend to be fiberized during liposuction procedure and back is where fats
do not excessively reside. Back Liposuction surgery is usually accompanied with arm and waist liposuction in general.


Arm Liposuction
Inner part of arm is one of the hardest area to lose fats since there is rarely muscle or movement. Liposuction on this area needs extra careful skill because the nerves and blood vessels are situated close to thin skin. Removing fat deposits evenly from both shoulder and arm is the most important part of Arm Liposuction. The key point is to remove enough fats on the inner part of arm to achieve straight and smooth line.


Face Liposuction
Face with excessive fat deposits may give you a heavy and boring impression. This phenomenon could occur distinctively to some people due to genetic reason but can be corrected and improved by facial liposuction. In case of excessive fat accumulation, regular liposuction and tightening can help the patient to regain his/her face line. Thus, facial liposuction not only tighten face, jawline, and neckline but also provides harmonization of overall facial impression as well as anti-aging effect.
If the patient lacks elasticity, lifting surgery in addition to the facial liposuction may help the patient to gain V-line face. If jaw muscle is over-developed, will maximize the effect of facial liposuction.


Calf Liposuction
Calf is not a body area with large fat accumulation but calf liposuction is usually performed along with muscle involution treatment.
In case of excessive fat accumulation on calf and ankle area, it is important to remove the subcutaneous
fats as much as possible to achieve slim and straight calf by revealing hidden proper amount of calf muscle.


Mini Liposuction
This surgery only removes particular areas of your body such as jaw, chin, flank, and potbelly which enables you to achieve slimmer body line in short time. Mini Liposuction requires shorter time for the surgery focusing only partial areas thus promises you more precise improvement. It takes less time and also there is less swelling and pain.


Key Points

Surgery duration/2 hours to 4 hours


Stitch Removal/7 days after


Hospitalization/1 day (If needed)


Incision site/Where the cannula inserted


Recommended Staying Period in Korea/7 days


Anesthesia/Sedative Anesthesia


Recommended to those who

-Have excessive body fat
-Have excessive fat on specific area around abdomen, thigh, arm, calf and face etc.
-Desire to change body type/shape due to bumpy skin
-Desire to have a well-defined body in a short period

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