Ppeum Myeongdong

HIFU Lifting + Rejuran (+Free LDM Lifting)

₩910,000 ₩1,010,000

Treatment Descriptions

Package Options

1. Shurink 300 shots + Rejuran Healer 2cc + Free LDM Water Drop Lifting (12 minutes)

₩1,010,000 🢧 ₩910,000

2. Ulthera 300 shots + Rejuran Healer 2cc + Free LDM Water Drop Lifting (24 minutes)

₩2,110,000 🢧 ₩1,930,000


What is HIFU Lifting?

HIFU Lifting involves using ultrasound to target specific layers under the skin to tighten the skin from within by stimulating collagen growth.
Ultherapy is the original HIFU and the most popular HIFU device globally. It has been in the market for the longest and could be said to be the most established and reliable HIFU brand.
Shurink is the Korean version of Ultherapy. It is very similar to Ulthera in its mechanism. Compared to Ultherapy, it isn't as established, but it's a local favorite because of how much more affordable it is to Ulthera.

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What is Rejuran?

Rejuran is a skin booster that helps make better overall skin texture. Rejuran works by using Salmon DNA, which has cell regenerative properties, to heal the skin on a cellular level. It's a one-shot-fix-all type of treatment, great for light wrinkles, dull skin tone, rough skin texture, even acne scars. But usually it require multiple sessions, and that's why it's great to do other treatments together like HIFU lifting, since HIFU helps with collagen growth in the skin.

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Why LDM Water Drop Lifting?

LDM is a ultrasound device that regerates the skin and improves the immune system by sending energy waves through old skin cells rejuvenate the skin structures. It doesn't stimulate the skin too much and allows for natural healing on the cellular level, so you can expect almost no downtime or side effects. LDM also improves skin moisturization by balancing GAGs in the skin. It's a great treatment by itself, but it's an even better complimentary treatment to other treatments like HIFU and Rejuran.

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