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What is Gongjin-Dan·Gyeongok-Go?

Gongjin-Dan·Gyeongok-Go is a Korean natural tonic to boost energy. Both Gongjin-Dan and Gyeongok-Go is a herbal medicine that goes through a very precise and complicated pharmaceutical manufacturing process and requires a lot of time and devotion to produce. Get your own customized prescriptions from Korean doctors with extensive clinical experience.


Gongjin-Dan, also known as the 'remedies for emperors', is a traditional oriental medicine prescription that is taken when vitality is needed.

  • Main ingredients

Musk, Antler, Ginseng, Cornflower Oil, Angelica, Etc.

  • Efficacy

- Good for people with congenital weakness

- Effect of lowering fugitive anger and preventing disease

- Healing effect for people suffering from chronic fatigue due to high amount of stress

- Relieve fatigue, decreased energy, and decreased concentration

- Relieve skin complexion, loss of appetite

- Relieve headache, stomatitis, cold hands and feet after childbirth


Gyeongok-Go is a nourishing tonic introduced in Donguibogam (Korean book compiled by the royal physician Heo Jun during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. The title literally translates as "A Precious Mirror of Eastern Medicine".) and Bangyakhappyeon (Medical books of Hwang Do-yeon, a medical scientist in the late Joseon Dynasty). It is an excellent medicine that has the effect of reinforcing human qi and restoring weak organs regardless of one’s constitution and age or gender.

  • Main ingredients

Main Ingredients: Rehmanniae Radix, Ginseng, Poria Cocos, White Wheat (Honey), Etc.

*Gyeongok-Go does not contain antler.

  • Efficacy

- Relieve nervous indigestion and loss of appetite

- Relieve headache and dizziness

- Recovery of weakness due to chronic disease

- Improvement of palpitations (palpitations), easily startled, cold hands, feet, etc.

- Effects in preventing diseases in case of weakness due to aging





Gongjin-Dan·Gyeongok-Go medicines are packaged and provided for both taking and gifting

Gongjin-Dan·Gyeongok-Go Price


    • Gongjin-Dan
      • 10 days prescription - 170,000 KRW
      • 30 days prescription - 500,000 KRW
    • Musk Gongjin-Dan
      • 10 days prescription - 500,000 KRW
      • 30 days prescription - 1,350,000 KRW
    • Gyeongok-Go
      • 15 days prescription - 130,000 KRW
      • 30 days prescription - 250,000 KRW
    • Antler Gyeongok-Go
      • 15 days prescription - 180,000 KRW
      • 30 days prescription - 350,000 KRW


Beware of cold foods and greasy or spicy foods that slow digestion. In particular, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee may decrease the gastrointestinal function and reduce the efficacy of medicinal substances, so be careful.


Jivaka’s Tip

Gongjin-Dan·Gyeongok-Go has different prices and effects depending on the content and quality of medicinal materials. Boost your immunity with carefully manufactured herbal medicines from Modni Oriental Clinic.

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