Foxy Eye Lift

Thread Lifting For Outer Eye Corner



NO Surgical Side Effects & Scars!
Complete your impressive and embracing eyes with Foxy Eye Lift


Treatment Steps
Chart preparation - 1:1 consultation - Local anesthesia above the eyebrow or forehead - Treatment (30 minutes) - Precautions - Return Home


Treatment Information

  • Treatment Time: About 30 minutes
  • Durtion: About 1 year
  • Bruising / Swelling: 3~7 days *Varies by individual
  • Degree of Pain (Level 1~10): 5~6
  • Stitch Removal: None


Recommended For Those:

  • Those with sagging eye corners
  • Those who are troubled with stuffy impression due to the narrow space between the eyes and eyebrows
  • Those who want to see quick results after treatment
  • Those who think surgery is costly and time-consuming


Uniqueness of Foxy Eye Lift

  • Immediate lifting effect right after treatment
  • Duration of about 1 year
  • Increased skin elasticity and slight volume effect due to collagen regeneration after 1-2 months


1) Change to anesthesia under conscious sedation (+/150,000 KRW)
*When performing sedation anesthesia, you must visit the hospital after fasting for 6 hours from the time of operation
2) Add skin botox (Full) (+/165,000 KRW)
3) Add wrinkle botox 1 area (+/66,000 KRW)
* Compared to other lifting, it can be confirmed that it is lifted immediately
* Available for daily life immediately


Cautions After Surgery

  • Do not touch the treated area
  • For about 2 weeks, avoid hot and humid places such as baths, saunas, and steam rooms.
  • Do not sweat as much as possible at the beginning of the procedure.
  • Avoid stimulation such as massage or meridians treatments
  • No smoking, no alcohol for 1 week
  • On the first day after the procedure, avoid washing your face and makeup as much as possible.

Jivaka's Tip
Lifting the corners of the eyebrows is a procedure that can make a big difference with a small difference even if it is slightly raised. When the corners of the eyes and temples are lifted, an indirect lifting effect can also be obtained in which the underlying facial skin also rises. Transform into a cat-like impression in 30 minutes! To acheive it, Ruby Plastic Surgery's unique method is highly recommended!

General Information about RUBY PLASTIC SURGERY

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