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January Promotion - Chang


Promotion Details

1. Juvederm Filler 2cc

₩1,260,000 🢧 ₩1,070,000

Juvederm is a brand of HA filler. Fillers can be used to give volume to areas of the face and also to fill lines and flatten wrinkles.

2. Volite Hydro Injection

2cc : ₩1,260,000 🢧 ₩900,000
3cc : ₩1,890,000 🢧 ₩1,200,000

Volite is classified as a hydro injection in Korea. It consists mainly of HA, and when injected evenly across the face it can give slight volume overall and also hydrate the skin.

3. One-day Skin Makeover

₩2,000,000 🢧 ₩900,000

Milk Peel + Whitening/Hydration Care + Sono Styler + Intragen RF 300/600 shots + Collagen Toning + Velvet Care

One-day Skin Makeover is a peeling, whitening, hydrating, skin tightening package to help protect your skin in Korean Winter!

4. Youthful Lifting

₩2,770,000 🢧 ₩1,820,000

Belkyra (1 vial) + Lower Face Lifting

Youthful Lifting involves fat-dissolving injection, and HIFU lifting to slim and lift your lower face area.

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