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General Information About Contouring Injection

Basic Info

Injections are used to sculpt the face by removing unnecessary fat around a particular region.


Improved facial contours, giving a more define look such as the V-shaped face.

Treatment Time

10 to 30 min

Maximum effect

1 to 2 weeks

Duration of effect

Long Lasting

Recovery Time



Minimum, if any at all

Anesthesia method

Anesthesia free but can be provided if requested

Degree of pain

Slight discomfort. Varies from patient to patient.

How It Works

The contouring injection contains fat dissolving solutions which are injected to the area where there is excess fat such as around the jaw that creates a double chin. This triggers the breakdown of fat, otherwise known as lipolysis, to occur which takes place over a couple of weeks. The broken down fat is removed by the body and then the final result is a sharper and slimmer look.

Top Benefits

1. No Visible Scars

As no incisions are made, the way they are in traditional liposuction surgeries, there are no scars or marks left behind which is great as the procedure is usually done on or around the face.

2. Long Lasting Results

Unless the person gains large amounts of weight, the effects of the procedure will be long lasting and will provide a permanent solution.

3. Affordable Price

Even multiple treatments of the fat dissolving injection are cheaper than the alternative of liposuction surgery which is why many opt for this procedure

Recommended For

Someone concerned with small regions of unwanted fat in facial areas such as chin and cheeks.

Frequently Asked Q&A

Q. When can I expect to see the results?

A. Results are visible after 1 to 2 weeks of the treatment which gives plenty of time for the ingredients to settle in and perform.

Q. How long does the effect last?

A. The results are long lasting, unless large amounts of weight is gained

Q. What are the common side effects?

A. Common side effects include some swelling, redness and bruising on or around injection site. Very rarely are serious side effects of inflammation reported.

Q. How painful is it?

A. There is minimal pain, as the needles are not injected deeply.

Q. Can you get treated simultaneously with other treatments?

A. Yes, the treatment can be combined with other treatment. It will be best to consult with the doctor to know what treatments you should get and in what order.

Our Tip for Best Results

It takes around 2 weeks for the ingredients to be able to showcase the effects and the results will increase after successive treatments.

General Information about Ppeum Myeongdong

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