Body Thermage Lifting


Body lifting & slimming solution ‘Body Thermage Lifting’

What is Body Thermage Lifting?

High frequency energy genuinely penetrates the subcutaneous fat layer and regenerates Collagen, tightens saggy skin, wrinkles and improves the overall bodyline.

Body Thermage Lifting Effect

Right After Procedure

The patients will moderately feel the skin shrinking and lifted

After 1-2 Weeks

Wrinkles are gradually improved by the regeneration effect

After 3-4 Weeks

Effect is maximized at this period and the patients can vividly notice the wrinkle and elasticity improvement

After 3 Months

The patients can feel the noticeable difference in their bodyline


The improved elasticity effect lasts for 2 to 3 years sustainably

Procedure Area

-Sagging Belly
-Love Handles

Recommended Candidate

-Loose skin after giving birth
-Loose skin after weight loss
-Loose skin after liposuction
-Loose skin elasticity by aging
-For weight loss effect

Procedure Information

Procedure Duration

30 to 60 minutes




Same Day Discharge



Stitch Removal


Side Effect

The patients with sensitive skin might experience the followings for a while right after the procedure: flushed skin, feeling of skin stretching, dry skin

Jivaka’s Tip

Body Thermage is a procedure that medical professional experience and whether the tips are genuine. Experience an upscale anti-aging procedure here by the medical staff with qualified clinical experience with genuine products and shots!

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