Airjet Lifting Package

₩900,000 ₩2,200,000

AirJet Lifting Package?

We are happy to introduce a new lifting treatment package with AirJet Lifting. This package is available at Bioface location exclusively.


AirJet Lifting can be combined with either Ulthera or Thermage FLX, newest version of long-loved Thermage.

1. AirJet 200 shots + Ulthera 200 shots = 900,000 KRW

2. AirJet 200 shots + Thermage FLX 300 shots = 1,200,000 KRW

*Promotion order is available until October 31st, 2019, and visit date needs to be before January 31st, 2020.


Here are more information about AirJet lifting, a new treatment from Jivaka Beauty. Ulthera and Thermage can be found in individual product pages in other sections. Please don't hesitate to ask questions via 1:1 consultation, our expert care team will respond within 24hrs for personalized advice for your treatment needs.


What is AirJet Lifting?

AirJet Lifting is a needleless lifting and skin rejuvenating procedure developed in Korea that works in two steps:

  1. Jet Bullet Effect
    High pressure “jet bullet” shots into the dermal layer (4~5mm depth) to multi-dimensionally pierce fibrous tissues that cause unevenness in skin texture.

  2. Collagen Growth Solution
    A liquid solution of Hyaluronic and Collagen growth stimulants is what’s shot into the skin, hydrating and firming the dermal layer.

Basic Info


Smoothen and firms the skin, great for lifting, wrinkles, and acne scar

Treatment Time

5-30 min

Maximum effect

Effects shown immediately

Recommended Session Count

3 sessions

Duration of effect

6~12 months from 3 sessions


Slight swelling, embossing effect, scabs (band-aid applied for 3~5 days)

Anesthesia method

Anesthesia free

Degree of pain

Minimal pain

Airjet can be used for:

  • For lifting skin
  • For treating light wrinkles
  • For treating acne scar

Jivaka’s Message

Think of Airjet tech as an alternative to needles. By itself, it doesn’t have dramatic effects but it’s a great treatment to add to other treatments for immediate effects. Also if time allows, we recommend you get 2~3 sessions for maximum effects!

General Information about Bioface

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