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1-Day Skin Whitening Package

₩990,000 ₩1,500,000



  • The details of the package can be altered during consultation to fit individual needs and skin condition.

  • You may change treatments or cancel the booking without additional charges.

Feel free to leave us questions if you need guidance with deciding on a package!

Combination of laser treatments

that target different layers of the skin to treat pigmentation and renew damaged skin

Rejuran Healer

that “heals” skin on cellular level

LDM (Local Dynamic Micro Massage)

that helps moisturize and improve skin elasticity

Basic Info


Even toned skin free of scars and pigmentation

Treatment Time

15~30 minutes for each laser

Maximum effect

1 week

Duration of effect

Permanent for the current condition but if there is an underlying cause then the condition can return in other areas

Recovery Time




Anesthesia method

Numbing Cream applied for some lasers

Degree of pain

Slight discomfort. Varies from patient to patient

Benefits of Laser Whitening

1. Non-invasive

The lasers used in these packages are quick with relatively minimal downtime.

2. Targeted

The wavelengths of these lasers can be altered, meaning they target specific areas of the skin while leaving other layers unaffected.

3. Long Lasting Results

Lasers require multiple sessions for improving results, but the effects are permanent. With combined treatments, you can expect better results from just one session.

Please note!

  • There are no treatments that can magically make a naturally dark skin to a much lighter skin.
  • Skin “whitening” is closer to improving pigmentation, uneven skin tones and helping your inner skin layers become healthier. This can ultimately make your skin tone more even and lighter.
  • Usually laser treatments require multiple sessions for results. But these packages are designed for international patients temporarily in Korea to be able to expect some improvements from just one session!
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