Skin Texture

Undesirable skin textures can be caused by dry or oily skin which result in dehydrated skin, flaky skin, large pores and excess oil on the skin surface that leads to acne. For textures caused by dry skin hydrating injections like Hydrolifting can be used to inject HA in the skin as well as the skin boosters like Rejuran, PRP and Filorga. Aqua peel can hydrate the skin as well as cleanse it which will also make to great for oily skin. For large pores the skin boosters can be used as well, as well as skin botox or laser treatments can be used.

Procedure Type Brands Effects Price Range Available Clinics

Skin Botox

Reduce Pores

135,000 KRW

Hydro Injection

Hydrate Skin

478,000 KRW

Aqua Peel (Hydrafacial)

Hydrate Skin

Not available yet


Not available yet

Skin Boosters


Overall Better Skin Textures

528,000 ~ 550,000 KRW


500,000 KRW


495,000 KRW

Exosome Skin Care

750,000 KRW


128,000 KRW

238,000 KRW

Picoway (Picosecond Nd:YAG /1064mn, 785mn, 532mn)

366,000 KRW

340,000 KRW