Adding Volume

There are many ways to add volume to facial features depending on the effect that you want. Fillers are the most commonly known for this with the most famous one being Hyaluronic acid based fillers that can be adjusted for how thick it is and what its structure is to suit the different part of the face and the final effect.
Other than Hyaluronic acid, there are fillers made from other ingredients such as Ellanse made from PCL and Sculptra made from PLLA. These two are fillers that don't show an immediate result but with time the result builds up to be more permanent. Both stimulate collagen in the skin tissues which then forms around the new shape the filler has created and gives permanent changes. Thread lifting works the same way as it also stimulates collagen generation.

Points of Consideration

1. Area of the Face

Depending on the area you want volume added, you have different options to choose from

2. Duration of Effects & Price

Price is one of the most important factor to making a decision, but you should also consider how long different procedures last!

Procedure Type Brands Duration Our Price Range Clinics Available (Click for Product Page)

HA Filler

Neuramis, Yvoire

6 months

150,000 ~ 275,000 KRW
(per 1 cc)

Juvederm, Restylane

6 ~ 12 months

429,000 ~ 660,000 KRW
(per 1 cc)

HA Filler + PRP


~ 24 months

580,000 KRW
(per 1 cc)

Ppeum, Bioface

PCL Filler


~ 24 months

Not available yet

PLLP Filler


~ 24 months

Not available yet

PDO Thread

Barbie Nose (HIKO)

~ 24 months

260,000 KRW