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Spa Heum

Private Bath & Korean Body Scrub


Private Bath & Body Scrub

SPA Heum

1:1 Private Body Scrub Care for Women

Enjoy a private session of
authentic 'Korean Body Scrub'

* The basic body care procedure follows the same pattern, with the moisturizing treatments differing based on the product used.


* Each course includes a 15-minute stay in hot water to soften rough skin.

'Fermented Mugwort’ Course

154,000 won (75 minutes)

The course uses mugwort, astragalus, and angelica herbs soaked in vegetable oil for 8 weeks to melt and dissolve their medical components.

* Mugwort has been known for its blood circulation improving, sterilizing, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory effects since ancient times. It ranks as one of the three major plants that prevent adult diseases and other illnesses. Give your body a boost of fresh, clean energy with naturally fermented mugwort oil.

Recommended for

those in need of moisture care.

‘Aroma’ Course

154,000 won (75 minutes)

Lavender, rosemary, geranium, cypress, and thyme oils are blended together to make a unique handmade herb product that is used in this course.

Recommended for

those in need of moisture care.

'Milk Soothing’ Course

154,000 won (85 minutes)

A course in which after milk body cleansing, a gel-type soothing solution made of seaweed, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid is used instead of oil treatment. It has a light texture and is effective for restoring moisture.

Recommended for those who are concerned with oil's stickiness and those with oil allergy, or sensitive skin.


'Oil Cocktail’ Course

187,000 won (85 minutes)

The oil used in this course is a handmade mix of borage, coconut, jojoba and rosehip essential oils.

Recommended for those in need of skin-soothing & trouble relief.


‘Real Gold Balm’ Course

220,000 won (85 minutes)

This course uses a handmade body balm prepared by blending a vegetable oil with edible 24k real gold powder, frankincense aroma oil, and coconut oil.

Recommended for those suffering from atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, or extremely dry skin.


‘Just 31 Herbs’ Course

253,000 won (100 minutes)

A bestseller from Swiss brand 'Just' - 31 different herbs mixed with vegetable oil help to relieve stress and are very efficient in relaxing stiff muscles and providing pain relief.

Recommended for those with blood circulation problems, insomnia, and muscle pain.

Our facilities

Individual changing room / Individual powder room / Dressing table / Wardrobe / Body dryer / Hair dryer / Skincare / Lotion / Hair essence / Wireless charger / Disposable masks / Comb / Cotton swabs / Towel, etc.

Special notes:

1. This shop is for women only. Men are not allowed to enter or use our SPA center.

2. We use a 100% reservation system. After a deposit is placed in advance, the remaining amount will be paid when you visit our center.

  • Reservation deposit: KRW 50,000
  • Cancellation one day prior to the reserved date: 100% refund
  • Cancellation on the day of the reservation: reservation change or refund are unavailable!

3. A light moisturizing massage is included, but it is not a professional massage since our SPA center is specialized in body scrub care.

General Information about Spa Heum

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