Bandal Hair SPA

Bandal Hair SPA VIP Course

₩95,000 ₩120,000

BandalHair SPA
VIP Course

"A VIP course that takes care of your scalp, face, and ears all at once!"

Get rid of dead skin cells and fatigue.

Course Information
(90 minutes)

Healing Therapy + Ear Care
+ Facial Care + Shampoo & Scalp Care


95,000 won

Course Details

  • Healing Therapy:

A professional manager applies natural oils and manually releases the tense muscles of the neck, shoulders, and scalp.


  • Ear Care:

Debris and sebum removal + Disinfection of the entire ears + Acupressure massage of the ears


  • Facial Care:

1st Cleansing (Milk) + Facial acupressure and Rolling massage + Heat or Cooling stone massage + 2nd Cleansing (Foam) + Nourishing lotion + Modeling pack for each skin type


  • Shampoo and Scalp care:

Scalp scaling + Scalp acupressure + Scalp shampoo + Scalp pack + Hair treatment and Scalp massage + Scalp tonic + Scalp serum

Our facilities

Special notes:

*Before facial, wash off your eye makeup such as thick mascara in the powder room.

*If you wear lenses, please take them off (lens case and Renu are provided).

*Earrings and piercing must be removed before ear care.

*Please keep all of your valuables at the counter (we are not responsible for any losses other than those).

General Information about Bandal Hair SPA

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