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Body slimming package promotion [Ppeum Myeongdong]


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Body slimming package promotion - Ppeum

1. MPL (fat dissolving injection) 1 site + ULFIT (Body SHURINK, Hifu) 300 shot
470,000 KRW

2. ULFIT (Body SHURINK, Hifu) 300 shot + Clatuu360(Cryolipolysis) 2 pads
430,000 KRW

3. Clatuu360 1pad
100,000 KRW

4. Clatuu360 2pads
200,000 KRW → 120,000 KRW (vaild until 9/30)

5. Clatuu360 4pads
380,000 KRW → 228,000 KRW (vaild until 9/30)


What is Clatuu?

The Clatuu 360 is a safe cooling system certified by the KFDA, and is a fat destroying procedure that helps reduce the size of the desired area.
The basic principle is Cryolipolysis (same as CoolSculpting) which freezes the fat layer, and destroys it and releases it out of the body.

Basic Info

Effect - It shows the reduction in size by destroying certain areas of fat.
Treatment Time - 30~60 min
Maximum effect - After 3 months
Recovery Time - Immediate
Swelling - No
Anesthesia method - Anesthesia free
Degree of pain - There is no pain, but there is a cold feeling, and the skin may feel numb after treatment.



How It Works?

It takes advantage of fat cell characteristics being weak at low temperatures. This non-surgical body fat reduction treatment damages the fat cells and exposes them to cooling stimulation at a certain temperature for a certain period of time.
Damaged fat cells will then break down (otherwise known as lipolysis) and then be absorbed in the body. Cryolipolysis technology is used to achieve this.



Top Benefits

1. Safe & reliable
- Non-invasive fat destroying procedure certified by the KFDA, which is safe and reliable.

2. Instant Recovery
- Because there are no incisions, bleeding, swelling or bruising, you can go straight to your daily life.

3. Comfortable procedure without pain
- Since there are few pain and irritation, the procedure is comfortable to receive.