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Male Genitalia Enlargement Filler


General Information About 'Male Genitalia Enlargement Filler'

Are you concerned about your genitalia size? You can increase your confidence and satisfaction with a simple filler procedure.

What is a male genitalia enlargement filler?

There are various types of materials used for male genitalia enlargement such as dermis graft, autologous fat, and silicone implants. Among all, alternative dermal fillers and Hyaluronic Acids (HA) fillers are most safe ingredients and can improve the size through a simple injection procedure, resulting in higher satisfaction.

Part where genitalia enlargement can be performed

Male genital part can be divided into penis pillar and glans which is applicable for the enlargement procedure.

Key Points

Penis enlargement procedure time

15-20 minutes


HA Filler KRW150,000 (per 1cc)

Alternative dermal fillers KRW 300,000 (per 1cc)

Filler Ingredients Description

HA fillers: Fillers with hyaluronic acid (HA) is a material that can be absorbed after a certain period of time. It is a component that is basically present in various human tissues such as skin, joints, and eye mucosa.

Alternative dermal fillers: Substitute dermis is a powdered and micronized material injected into the penis and glans along with distilled water.

Jivaka Tips

Filler enlargement is a procedure that focuses on improving thickness, not length. In particular, for patients with irritable premature ejaculation, it is possible to slightly blunt the overactive nerve, so that the individual satisfaction is higher. Since the procedure depends on the patient's existing size and characteristics of the enlarged treatment material, the procedure will be performed by selecting the most suitable material for the patient. All procedures will be done after examination and consultation with a certified medical surgeon.

General Information about STANTOP UROLOGY CLINIC

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