Ppeum Myeongdong

Lavieen BB Laser



“BB cream effect” Improves dull skin tone, wide pores, and lacks elasticity all at once!

LAVIEEN BB LASER helps skin cells self-heal wounds by making micro-holes. It has about 10 times higher water absorption than other lasers and treats pigmentation problems with little damage to normal skin.

Treatment method

It stimulates collagen production by transferring heat to the dermis and induces collagen contraction, which is effective in reducing pores, improving elasticity, and improving fine wrinkles.

Step 1: Target melanin pigment from the dermis to the epidermis

Step 2: Create micro-holes to activate skin regeneration

Step 3: After pigments are eliminated as scab, pigmentation, pores, and elasticity are expected to improve


TREATMENT TIME            

DOWN TIME                  
Symptoms such as skin irritation, tingling and redness may occur for one to two days after the procedure

DEGREE OF PAIN            


- Concerns about pigment problems such as spots, freckles, and blemishes
- Those who want to improve skin tone and texture at the same time
- Those who want safe and burdenless laser treatment
- Those who need pore reduction and skin regeneration
- Those who are worried about skin elasticity and wrinkles


All-in-one procedures that covers not only pigments, but also pores, fine lines, and skin texture! LAVIEEN BB LASER is highly effective even with just one treatment, because the machine can control or customize its energy intensity depending on the skin that is being treated, reducing concerns about side effects even for those with sensitive skin. Get this treatment and experience the result as if you applied BB cream to your skin.

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