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Babyface Injection


General Information About Babyface Injection

Basic Info

Growth-inducing components from stem cells are injected to promote epithelial cell growth, damaged skin cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, and to inhibit melanin production


Immediate improvement in fine lines and skin tightening giving a more youthful appearance

Treatment Time

30 min

Maximum effect

2 to 4 weeks

Duration of effect

Minimum 3 months

Recovery Time




Anesthesia method

Anesthesia free but can be provided if requested

Degree of pain

Slight discomfort. Varies from patient to patient.

How It Works

This is a combination injection that uses Pico toning, Premium135 and Rejuran healer. These components each provide a unique function and come together to form an injection that will transform your skin to be youthful and healthy. Pico toning will help repair tissues such as those caused by scars, Premium135 will help with collagen regeneration which is needed for skin elasticity and Rejuran healer will target skin health to so that skin it is healthier from within.

Top Benefits

1. Smooth Skin Texture

The ingredients target the structure of the skin and improves texture by reversing fine lines, shrinking enlarged pores and making the skin more elastic.

2. Healthier skin

The influx of all these beneficial ingredients provide the skin with the right tools to become healthy. By doing this the skin is able to stay in great condition for longer as the ingredients work to eliminate problems from within rather than covering them up.

3. All in One

The treatment utilises three separate treatment solutions and combines them together along with other ingredients to form a final solution that gives a wide range of benefits to the skin which makes it cost and time efficient as you won't have to spend money on three separate treatments.

Recommended For

Someone concerned with

○ Facial lines like frown lines

○ Wrinkles

○ Lack of moisture in skin

○ Large pores

Frequently Asked Q&A

Q. When can I expect to see the results?

A. Results are visible after 2 to 4 weeks of the treatment which gives plenty of time for the ingredients to settle in and perform

Q. How long does the effect last?

A. Typically 3 months

Q. What are the common side effects?

A. Common side effects include some swelling, redness and bruising on or around injection site. Very rarely are serious side effects of inflammation reported.

Q. How painful is it?

A. There is minimal pain, as the needles are not injected deeply.

Q. Can you get treated simultaneously with other treatments?

A. Yes, the treatment can be combined with other treatment. It will be best to consult with the doctor to know what treatments you should get and in what order.

Our Tip for Best Results

It takes around 2 weeks for the ingredients to be able to showcase the effects and the results will increase after successive treatments.

General Information about Ppeum Myeongdong

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