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Life Time Implant



Life Time Implant

#Good aesthetic appearance
#Good for chewing
#Good for long-term use
#Good for supporting the bones and tissues

What are Life Time Implant?

To replace a missing tooth, an artificial root must be made to insert a biocompatible titanium implant. To make the perfect result, the choice of implant is crucial. Good Life Dental Hospital uses the best implant brand in the world, Straumann® and the best Korean brand, Osstem®. That is why, we introduce our implant system as a Life Time Implant.

Features of Life Time Implant

Good aesthetic appearance

Gives a similar feeling as natural teeth and can give confidence when smiling.

Good for chewing

Provide comfort, stability, and sufficient masticatory force when chewing or talking.

Good for long-term use

If you maintain and clean the area well after the treatment, it can last for 20–30 years.

Good for supporting bones and tissues

The muscle and the nervous system can be recovered since the bones are not absorbed.

Surgical procedure of Life Time Implant

Examination before surgery

Decide the perfect location to place the dental implant by oral examination X-ray, and CBCT.

1st surgery

Insert the implant into the bone using a minimal incision and suture. Wait 0–6 months for ossteointegration; depending on the condition of the patient. If a bone graft is required, it is usually done with an implant insertion at the same time to minimize the surgical step, discomfort, and pain.

2nd surgery

The process of exposing the implant in the gums to the oral cavity. The gums are slightly opened, the cover screw is replaced with a longer one, and the gums are allowed to heal.

Dental impression and prosthetic production and placement

Make a dental impression for the implant crown, and place the implant in the patient's mouth.

Types of Life Time Implant


Masterpiece implant. Number 1 implant in the world. The best implant among dentists.


Masterpiece implant. Number 1 in Korea.

Zimmer | dental

High caliber implant. Has been manufactored for over 30 years, Swissplus.


Considered the "Darkhorse" implant in Korea.

Life Time implant Guarantee!

We start a Life Time implant guarantee program for long term use. Our goal of Good Life treatment is not finished immediately after treatment, but continued after with regular follow-ups for a good life. It is our faith.

Free check up within 1 year after implant treatment
(additional cost will be charged other than check ups)
Implant guarantee is valid only if the patient's obligation duty is fulfilled.

Our facilities


Gangnam-daero 476, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
(Nonhyeondong, Urban Hive building, 4F)

서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 476 (논현동, 어반하이브빌딩 4F)

* 1 Minute walk from Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 3

Hours of Operation

MON, WED | 10:00 AM ~ 09:00 PM

TUE, THU, FRI | 10:00 AM ~ 06:30 PM

SAT | 10:00 AM ~ 02:00 PM

SUN, Holidays   | Closed

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