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LAMS liposuction by Injectables


LAMS liposuction by Injectables
1 Bottle (50cc) 528,000 KRW (VAT Included)

* LAMS is available for those who don't have a residence visa in Korea and National Health Insurance.

LAMS Liposuction Injection

If you are afraid of surgical liposuction, try LAMS Liposuction Injection. Without incision and sedation, fat cells can be removed within 10 minutes.

Applicable Area

Arms/Back/Hips/Love Handle/Abdomen/Thighs/Calves

Surgery Method


Local Anesthesia

Procedure/Surgery Time

Around 30 minutes

Common Symptom

Nausea for a few hours


You may have bruises for 1~2 weeks (*Bruises on thighs may last longer)


Available on the day of procedure

Fat Extraction Process

1. Peripheral dissolution

Special fat decomposition solution is added to dissolve the fat layer

2. Tunneling

Creating a tunnel for fat discharge

3. Fat extraction

Extracting fat with liposuction syringe

4. Dissolved fat discharge

Discharging additional dissolved fat through follow-up treatments

Know-How of 365MC's LAMS

WITHOUT Sedation, Incision, Compression Garment
1. Direct extraction of fat cells
2. Direct breakdown of cellulite
3. Helping discharge fat from the surrounding area

What makes 365MC's LAMS Special

- The world's largest case of liposuction (more than 20,000 cases per year)
- Specialized medications and liposuction syringes produced by the clinic
- Operating the world's first cooperative R&D team for artificial intelligence liposuction
- Revealing the number of bottles transparently
- A systematic post-care system for LAMS customers

Precautions Before LAMS

Make sure to eat before the procedure.
Wear dark, bulky clothes with long sleeves/pants (no shorts)
Use public transportation or taxi (Do not drive)
Stay hydrated

Precautions After LAMS

- Injected solution may leak out
- Make sure to take the prescribed antibiotics
- Shower: 24 hours after * Sauna and bathing; 3 weeks after the procedure
- You may feel palpitations, hand tremors, and dizziness but will be disappeared within 6 to 8 hours
- Pain, bruise, clumps naturally disappear within 2 weeks *individual differences
- Light exercise is possible on the day of the procedure, and from the next day, you can exercise without restrictions
- Avoid massage for a week

Jivaka's Tip

When you can't lose weight no matter what, but liposuction is too scary to try! Try LAMS; easy to get into shape with just one procedure. Reserve a special treatment with 365mc, the leader of the LAMS trend in Korea!

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