First-time Rhinoplasty Event

50% OFF

Event Period ~ 2023.06.30


First-time Rhinoplasty Event


Special Point

1. Nose bridge + tip + deviated nose correction all at once without additional costs.

2. Discount event verified throughout the whole year (2023) for those who pay a deposit before June 30th.

Ruby Plastic Surgery
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Length + Height + Proportion + Angle + Line

“Sharp and slim at any angle”

Rhinoplasty for 3 dimensional effect (nose bridge + tip plasty) . You can make dull and flat face into gentle and clear face through the surgery to make flat nose into three-dimensional facial line.

Price List

Nose bridge + Tip
+ Deviated nose correction                          

3,500,000 won



550,000 won

Bulbous nose correction

550,000 won

Short nose correction

550,000 won

Alar cinching

550,000 won

* All price tax included
* Tax refund available
* Anesthesia fee included

Before and After

Ruby Plastic Surgery Through Belief

Prioritizing patient safety and communicating with patients is important to maximize patient's satisfaction .

Providing personalized beauty to every patient with reliable medical service every time.

1:1 Customized Service

Ruby provides high quality of medical service with the safest and highest satisfying result through consultation, diagnosis , examination for individual's feature from the beginning to the end.

Assigned Medical Team

Our medical team from 6 department sets surgery plans for patient's safety and satisfying result through the most precise diagnosis and surgery.

RUBY achieved recognition from customer with confidence

RUBY has been selected as trusted brand for professionalism , safety and service in an event of customer's preference survey.

Safe and accurate anesthesia systems

Surgery system that prioritizes patient safety ; anesthesiologist resides to monitor patient's condition from the start to the end of the surgery.

Advanced medical and safety equipment

For any emergency situation and to increase safety of patients ; defibrillator system which restores heartbeat uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) in case of a power outage and other several advanced safety equipment such as air cap which helps to minimize the airborne infection for 24 hours asepsis system are equipped.

Surgery after care program

Surgery after care program is customized to each individual patient for faster recovery and satisfactory result.

General Information about RUBY PLASTIC SURGERY

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