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MODEUNMO Clinic's unique devotion
for non-incisional hair transplantation

Specialized in non-invasive surgical method

Doctor processes the consultation, surgery and after-care

Density supplement A/S service through 1% Challenge Guarantee Policy

Modeunmo Clinic’s Special Point

Male Non-Invasive Hair Transplant | Female Non-Invasive Hairline | Scars on Head | Hair Loss Care | SMP Scalp tattoo

1) Only Non-Invasive Hair Transplantation

We treat any kind of hair loss only with non-invasive surgical methods based on our in-depth experience researching and operating non-invasive hair transplant surgery since 2013. Never damage hair follicles with Modeunmo’s own know-how.

2) Doctor’s Responsible Treatment

The Doctor will process responsible treatment for 1:1 intensive care from the beginning to the end: Design, Hair follicle collection, implantation and post-transplant management.

3) 1% Challenge Guarantee System

Customized care solution with Smart Care 3.6.9 system, which is directly diagnosed by the director even after surgery. 1 year after surgery, if there is a 10% difference in density compared to the original estimation, one free surgery for density reinforcement.

4) SMP Scalp Tattoo Liability Warranty Service

Since there may be differences in the pigmentation reaction due to the sensitivity and various characteristics of the scalp for each individual, the surgeon directly checks the progress and provides free retouching if necessary.

5) Customized Treatment

Provides a total hair loss care service that can achieve optimal efficiency through treatment (hair transplantation, SMP scalp tattoo, hair loss care) through customized prescription according to the patient.


DR. Lee Seon-Yong

  • Former director of Noble Line Hair Transplant Center
  • Former director of Ryu Yi Hair Transplantation Center
  • Regular member of the Dae-Han Hair Transplant Society
  • Full member of the World Hair Transplant Society
  • Member of Korea Non-Incision Hair Transplantation Research Association
  • Member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the Dae-Han Society of Aesthetic Surgery

DR. Shin Woong-Je

  • Former Senior Director of Dana Hair Transplant Center
  • Member of the Dae-Han Hair Transplant Society
  • Member of the Dae-Han Laser Dermatological Association
  • Member of the Dae-Han Society of Aesthetic Laser Medicine
  • Member of Korea Lifting Research Association
  • Master of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Completion of specialist training at Catholic Central Medical Center

Our facilities


57, Nonhyeon-ro 151-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

서울시 강남구 논현로151길 57, 4F

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MON-FRI | 10:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

SAT | 10:00 AM ~ 04:00 PM

Lunch break | 12:00 PM ~ 01:00 PM

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