Body slimming procedures in Korea

The following are body slimming procedures available world wide and in Korea.

Injections = This uses chemicals, mainly deoxycholic acid, which are used to target fat cells and break them down. In Korea, each clinics have their own formula but use deoxycholic acid which is FDA and KFDA approved. The most famous brand is Kybella. It is considered a non invasive procedure although some people may not be comfortable getting injections near their face. Although results are noticeable from even one session, for the best results it is advised to get at least 2 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. The results are not immediate as the swelling must first reduce and the fat naturally drained by the body. Also this treatment is best used to treat smaller areas to get the best effect such as the chin area to target the double chin. This is used in Korea popularly to get the V shaped face.

Laser lipolysis = This is another non invasive procedure that utilises the heat energy from the laser to break down the fat. The addition to this treatment is that the laser tightens the skin as well as reducing the fat which gives better results. This effect depends on the type of laser used and the wavelength of the laser which can be adjusted to target difference tissues under the skin. This treatment shows results from around 6 weeks after the session and can take up to 3 months to show the maximum effect as the fat is drained naturally by the body.

Cryolipolysis = This is a non invasive method that targets fat cells and freezing them which eventually breaks down the fat. This method like using heat to break down fat, takes time to show the results after the session as the fat break downs and is slowly drained from the body. This reduces fat in the target area by 20 to 25% per session and requires around 3 sessions to give the desired result. The most famous brand name is CoolSculpting which is known to give noticeable results. A famous Korean brand is Clatuu360 is more cost effective, can treat more than one area at a time and is faster than CoolSculpting. However it does not have a chin applicator the way CoolSculpting does.

Liposuction = The most famous fat loss procedure that gives immediately noticeable effects as it removes a large amount of fat in one procedure. This is why it is preferred by many and with new technology this surgery can be combined with other procedures such as skin tightening to prevent any sagging after the fat is removed. This surgery can also be adjusted in how the fat is removed such as water assisted removal or laser assisted removal (Radio frequency assisted liposuction). The prices in Korea for the surgery run cheaper than in other countries like the USA even though the doctors are highly skilled and the hospitals well equiped. As with other procedures, this is because this procedure is performed many times and there are more hospital offering it giving competitive rates.

Which one is right for me?


The most expensive procedure is liposuction without a doubt, however it is the most effective at getting rid of large amounts of fat. If someone has large areas to treat and large amounts of fat then this would be the best option and more cost effective than non invasive procedures. This is because the non invasive procedures reduced fat by 20 to 30% each session and for an area with a lot of fat, it may require many treatments to get the full results. If a person has small areas of stubborn fat then treatments like cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis and injections will be suitable.

Invasive vs Non invasive

A person's preference is the biggest determining factor for which treatment is best for them. Some people are comfortable with having a major surgery such as liposuction and in this case this procedure will be the best for them. Others may be anxious about the chance of complications and prefer non invasive methods simply because there are very low risks and side effects. Although injections are classified as non invasive, some people are also not comfortable with the idea of injections and the chance of infections (which are very rare) developing. For these people it would be best to go for surface treatments such as cryolipolysis or laser lipolysis.


Liposuction requires the most downtime out of all the procedures because it is an intensive surgery. The person will have to take extreme after surgery care and there may be follow up check ups needed to make sure the healing is going well with no infections or complications. Nowadays, there are many mini-lipo treatments available here in Korea, with less downtime and procedure being less invasive. Injections have some downtime as there may be some swelling in the area but other than that there is no major downtime. Cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis and radio frequency lipolysis have no downtime at all and is popular because of this.

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